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Installing EV Charging Stations in Hanover & Beyond

If you're an electric vehicle (EV) owner, a charger at home allows you to keep your car up and running when needed. The benefits of an at-home station are many, including cost-savings and convenience. This technology is definitely something worth considering!

At M.J. Carr Electrical Services, we offer reliable EV charger installation in Hanover. Our electricians have over 15 years of experience and focus on delivering first-class customer service. We will take the time to thoroughly inspect your wiring and educate you on what's needed to get your new EV station put in.

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Why Choose a Home EV Charging Station?

Having an EV charger installed at your home is a great investment.

Some of the advantages include the following:

  • You won't have to buy battery power from a third party.
  • You will always know where the nearest charging station is (right in your home!). No more searching to juice up your car.
  • Although you might see a slight increase on your energy bill, you will avoid the fluctuating prices of third parties.

With our team of certified electricians on the job, you can trust that your new South Shore EV charger will be installed correctly and promptly, allowing you to enjoy the benefits right away.

Customized EV Charging Installations for Your Lifestyle

If you're considering having an EV charging station installed at your home in South Shore, knowing about the charging levels is important.

Below is an overview of the different levels:

  • Level 1 charging allows you to use your standard household 120-volt outlet to charge your vehicle. All EVs should come with a cord that will enable you to plug your car into the outlet. Still, it would be best to have a certified electrician inspect your home's wiring before charging for extra peace of mind. This level is slow (taking around 3 to 7 hours to charge) but convenient. It works best if you have enough time to charge your vehicle.
  • Level 2 chargers require a dedicated 240- or 208-volt circuit. You also must have a dedicated station installed at your home, and installation must be done by a professional. The charge time is 1 to 3 hours.
  • Direct current fast charging is the fastest, but it's not compatible with all EVs and is not suitable for home use.

When you call M.J. Carr Electrical Services, one of our professional EV charger installers will assess your home's electrical capabilities and needs and discuss your options for at-home charging.

Key Considerations for Your Home EV Charger Installation

If you're thinking about installing an EV station at your home, you should consider a few things. First, you must ensure that your electrical panel has the capacity to handle the additional energy draw from the charger.

Additionally, you must take into account the type of electric vehicle you have and where you'll park it.

Also, don't forget about finding the right cord length for your specific needs. Too short or too long a cord could present problems when trying to maximize charging efficiency.

A member of our team can discuss the various factors before you make any definitive plans.

Get Your Free EV Charger Installation Estimate Today

An at-home EV station is convenient and cost-effective. You'll always know where to go to power up your car's battery, and you won't have to deal with the changing prices that third parties charge. At M.J. Carr Electrical Services, we can review your options and help plan a setup that works for you.

To learn more about our EV charger installation services in South Shore, please contact us at (781) 527-5105.

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